You can rent a room at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts for your next special event. Please note that any room rentals outside of our regular business hours cost an additional $25.75 per hour to cover staffing fee.  If you are interested in booking a room at the Centre for the Arts, please email and we will respond with further information. 

Rooms and rental fees

We have various rooms to choose from, as well as daily or hourly rental rates. Annual holding fees also allow community or non-profit groups to reserve one regular monthly meeting room. Prices below are subject to HST unless otherwise indicated.

 Cambridge Centre for the Arts
Cambridge Centre for the Arts room rental rates
Room NameRoom CapacityDaily Rate*Hourly RateAnnual Holding Fee
Amphitheatre 20 $188.54 $31.51 $102.11
Summerhayes Studio 25 $188.54 $31.51 $102.11

Donaldson Room


25 $188.54 $31.51 $102.11
Fabric Arts Studio 20 $188.54 $31.51 $102.11
Multi-Purpose Room 80

$314.25 (Saturday)

$235.63 (Sunday to Friday)

$47.07 $102.11
Toyota Auditorium

225 standing

220 theatre style

160 seated 

$471.27 (Saturday)

$392.69 (Monday to Friday)

* Daily rate is 4 plus hours

$47.07 Does not apply


David Durward Centre
The Centre for the Arts connects with the David Durward Centre at:

62 Dickson Street
Cambridge, ON N1R 1T8
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There are a number of rooms to rent for an event at the David Durward Centre. Rentals outside of regular business hours include an additional $25.75 per hour staffing fee. There are daily and hourly rental rates, as well as annual holding fees for community or non-profit groups to reserve rooms for one regular monthly meeting.

David Durward Centre room rental rates
Room NameRoom CapacityDaily RateHourly RateAnnual Holding Fee
Boardroom 20 to 25 $188.54 $31.51 $102.11
Dining Room 100 or 80 seated $188.54 $47.07 $102.11
Second Floor Activity Room 120 or 80 seated $188.54 $47.07 $102.11


Event services and equipment rentals

You may need additional services or special equipment for your event.  Included in your fee when using the rooms are tables & chairs

Toyota room 20 rectangle tables 2 1/2 feet x 6 feet, 20 - 5ft diameter round tables and chairs

Event service and equipment fees
Event Service or Special EquipmentFee
Portable PA system, amplifier, speakers and microphone $10 (HST included)
Retractable stage - Toyota Room only (12 feet by 20 feet) with a portable staircase $20 (HST included)
Baby grand piano $100 (HST included)
Staff (if your event is planned outside of the facility's regular business hours) $25.75 per hour


Balance payments
The balance of your rental fee (minus your deposit), including any additional service or equipment fees, is due 14 days before the date of your event.

If you need to cancel your event, we may be able to return some of your deposit, depending on how far in advance you make the cancellation.

Cancellation fees
Cancellation NoticeAmount of Deposit Refunded
Less than 30 days before the event No refund of the deposit
30 to 60 days before the event 50 per cent refund of the deposit
More than 60 days before the event Full refund of the deposit


Serving alcohol
If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you need to apply for $2,000,000 liability insurance. Contact our City staff for information.

You must also have a Smart Serve certified server/bartender at your event to serve alcohol to your guests. You need one server for every 125 guests at your event.

View our Event Organizer Checklist for Liquor Licensed Events for more information.

Room Photos

 Toyota Room - Floor 3A 

Toyota room photo

Toyota room photo

Toyota room photo


Multi Purpose Room - Floor 1

multipurpose room

 multipurpose room

multipurpose room



Multi Purpose room photo


Donaldson Room - Floor 1A

Donaldson Room photo


Summerhayes Room - Floor 2A

Summerhayes room photo

 Summerhayes room photo


 Summerhayes room photo


Fabric Arts Studio - Floor 2A

Fabric Arts room photo

Fabric Arts room photo

Fabric Arts room photo

Dining room on the David Durward side of building.
15 tables with 4 chairs around each tables