Call for Entries: Cambridge Artists’ Studio Tour 2023 

The Cambridge Fall Studio Tour welcomes applications from Cambridge artists and craftspeople with an established studio within the borders of Cambridge. 

Tour date: September 23 & 24, 2023. Hours: Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday noon- 5 pm.

  • All media are acceptable.
  • Applicants must be working artists with studio space located in Cambridge. If space allows, artist may act as a host studio for guest artist.
  • Artist must be present in their studio for the duration of the tour.

NEW! Artist applications are submitted online

Upon acceptance, a participation fee of $125.00 + HST per artist is payable to the City of Cambridge.  All participants/studios must have personal liability insurance during the tour; house insurance alone does not provide adequate coverage.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is February 28, 2023

The Cambridge Studio Tour requires "all-hands-on-deck" participation. Voluntary effort is absolutely necessary to keep fees at a reasonable rate.  Some volunteer duties include: Securing Sponsors, Brochure and Poster Distribution, Social Media posting, Tour kit pick up, etc. 

Image and Document Uploads

You will need to upload the following digital files:

  • Three (3) images of your work
  • Proof of Liability Insurance

You should also be prepared to input your contact information, studio information, artist’s profile and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Images must be clear and sharp and representative of the type of work you are intending to show during the tour. Each image file name must include the artist’s name (eg: bob-smith), title (eg: horse-in-barn), media (eg: pen-and-ink), and year (eg: 2022) the piece was created. Include an underscore (_) between each like the example below.

eg: bob-smith_horse-in-barn_pen-and-ink_2022.jpg

Images must be representative of the type of work you are intending to show during the tour. Images must be clear, sharp, and of high-resolution (300 pixels per inch/ppi). These images will be used in the Tour brochure and promotional material. 

Filenames should only include standard characters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_). No other punctuation (eg: period, comma, semicolon, etc.) or other special characters (eg: #, $, @, ", etc.) should be used in file names. A period should only appear once, just before the three-letter file extension (eg: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, etc.). 

Attention iPhone and iPad users. Newer versions of the iPhone and iPad use a proprietary file format (.heic). You must convert your images to one of the accepted formats (jpg, pdf, eps). You can use an online service such as - or

For additional information contact: Nancy Movrin at 519-623-1340 x4565 or

Cambridge is bursting with many talented artists!  Click on the interactive map for a listing of our talented 2020 Studio Tour artists.

Photo Gallery: Fall Studio Tour 2020 with Interactive Map will appear here on the public site.

2020 Featured Artists

2020 Studio Tour Artists

TackePitter Studio: Peter W. Boots

TackePitter Studio: 240 the Greenway, Cambridge, ON N1R 6M1

Artist Category: Water Colour, Oil, Acrylic

Contact Options:


Maria Abrasowicz

136 Harwood Road, Cambridge, ON N1S 4S7

Artist Category: Paintings and Pottery

Contact Options:


Nancy Brent

833 King St East, Cambridge, ON N3H 3P2

Artist Category: Acrylic painting and Collage

Contact Options:


Sean Chappell

332 Winston Blvd., Cambridge, ON N3C 3C5

Artist Category: Paintings

Contact Options:


Foot in the Tub: Carol Chesney

Foot in the Tub 26 Sunset Blvd., Cambridge, ON N1A 1A7

Artist Category: Acrylic painting

Contact Options:


Gordy Ess

16 Ainslie St S. 2nd. Floor Cambridge ON N1R 3K1 (above Monograms Cafe)

Artist Category: Mixed Media

Contact Options:


LeftAlignDesign Art Studio: Barb Di Renzo

43 Memory Lane, Cambridge, ON N3C 3X7

Artist Category: Jewellery/Metal Artist

Contact Options:


Karen Malcolm

331 Highland Park, Cambridge ON N3H 3H8

Artist Category: Paintings and Ceramics

Contact Options:




Leo Claessens

105 Devils Creek Dr., Cambridge ON N1S 4Y4

Artist Category: Woodworking

Contact Options:


Laura Cook

1916 Coronation Blvd., Cambridge, ON N3H 3S3

Artist Category: Photography

Contact Options:


Twitter: @vision_pho

Laura Chappell-Southcote

61 Bruce St., Cambridge, ON N1R 2E5

Artist Category: Original Oil paintings, Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic paintings

Contact Options:


Nazeeg Haneshian

31 Ainslie St N., Cambridge, ON N1R 3J3

Artists Category: One of a Kind Jewellery Designs

Contact Options:


Lynne Gaetz

16 Ainslie St. 2nd. Floor, Cambridge, ON N1R 3K1 (above Monograms Cafe) 

Artist Category: Mixed Media

Contact Options:



Delmar Woodcraft

586 Coronation Blvd., Cambridge, ON N1R 3E8

Artist Category: Home Decor and Furniture; Fine Art Photography

Contact Options:


Gord McSevney

16 Ainslie St S. 2nd Floor Cambridge ON N1R 3K1 (above Monograms Cafe)

Artist Category: Silkscreen

Contact Options: 


16 Wellington St., Cambridge, ON N1R 3Y5

Artist Category: Design and Build Custom Hand-Painted Stained Glass

Contact Options:





1916 Coronation Blvd. Cambridge ON N3H 3S3

Artists Category: Fashion Design

Contact Options:


Kathryn Tyrrell

331 Highland Park Cambridge ON N3H 3H8

Artist Category: Painting and Drawing

Contact Options:


Tania Hanscom

16 Ainslie St., 2nd Floor, Cambridge, ON N1R 3K1 (above Monograms Cafe) 

Artist Category: Acrylic Painting

Contact Options:


Sewing Shenanigans

1916 Coronation Blvd., Cambridge, ON N3H 3S3

Artist Category: Textiles

Contact Options:


Lenox and Penney: Jessica Penney 

833 King St East, Cambridge, ON N3H 3P2

Artist Category: Paintings

Contact Options


KirkwoodWagner Gallery: Bill Schwarz

11 Thorne St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1S3

Artist Category: Visual Art

Contact Options


We encourage everyone to Shop Local and support the small businesses in our Region. 


Thank you to our previous year tour sponsors.

  • Art of Home
  • Cambridge Arts Guild
  • Cambridge Centre for the Arts
  • Cambridge Times Metroland
  • City of Cambridge
  • Grand Cafe
  • Neighbours of Hespeler Village
  • Neighbours of Clemens Mill
  • Neighbours of West Galt
  • Nowords

Want to sponsor the Studio Tour project? Call (519) 740-4681 ext. 4565 or email the Tour Coordinator for more information.