The Cambridge Centre for the Arts (CCA) showcases many great art exhibits, featuring a variety of art forms. We look forward to bringing the following art exhibits to the CCA:

2020 Gallery Exhibition
ExhibitionSample Art Form
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Showing Dates
Artists & Their Apprentices  Painting by Wendy Schell January 4-24, 2020
If Poems Were Blue
- Paintings by Maca Suazo
Painting by Maca Suazo January 31-March 6
 -Paintings by Esther Slevinsky
painting by Esther Slevinsky March 13-April 17
- Ceramic Sculpture by Marlene Kawalez
Ceramic Sculpture by Marlene Kawalez Dates To Be Announced

Time Kept Places; Where We Live, Work, and Shelter

-Mixed Media Works by Heather Kocsis

Mixed Media Art by heather Kocsis Dates To Be Announced


- Drawing and Sculpture by Behnaz Fatemi Jahmani

Drawing and Sculpture by Behnaz Fatemi Jahmani Dates To Be Announced


- Furniture in Wood by Andrew Poynter
 Andrew Poynter Wood Working Dates To Be Announced
19th Annual Juried Exhibition 19th Annual Juried Art Exhibition Dates To Be Announced
Studio 30 Annual Exhibition Annual Studio 30 Exhibition Dates To Be Announced