The Gift Shop at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts is pleased to feature the work of Cambridge and area artists and artisans. Drop by to see our current collection of artwork, literature, and great gift ideas.

Photo Gallery: Gift Shop will appear here on the public site.

We're currently featuring work by local artists in the following categories.

  • Yvonne Newbery
  • Sue Sturdy
  • Ginny Carnevale
  • Dana Rees Babao
  • Barbara Di Renzo
  • Sue Hardy
  • Shonagh Kilcline
  • Jana Skladan
  • Nazeeg Haneshian
Painting and printmaking
  • Tiina Price
  • Ginny Carnevale
  • Jacquie Herron
Greeting cards
  • Tiina Price 
  • Debbie Ellis
  • Jacquie Herron
  • Vanessa Pejovic
  • Janette Bogart
  • Hilborn Pottery
  • Rose McFarlane
  • Janet Douma
  • April Bulmer
  • Joyce Spring

Mixed Media

  • Megan Meagher